Saturday, March 7, 2009

Onion Breath

The onions are plugging right along. Today, all the onions are up - red, brown, green, leeks! Who doesn't like onions? If someone out there is repelled by these wonderful bulbs, turn them in to the local authorities under suspicion of vampirism (word?). My 1st plans once these lovelies have been harvested is to make onion soup or perhaps grill some on the BBQ for dinner. The leeks will definitely be used to make a big batch of Basque soup. Some of these guys will be used to blend with the rest of my garden to make salsa. Dang, I could eat it plain. I chose Serrano peppers to use with my onions and tomatoes. Hope they work out great.
The weather is cooperating to allow for some nice gardening days. Tomorrow, I will try to take photos of the lilac blooming on the edge of the pergola. Don't know what smell I prefer - onions or lilacs.

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