Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Planting Part III

DSC_0689_2021 1. Brussels Sprouts         2. Peas           3.  Peas      4. Romaine/Bibb

DSC_1205_3070 February 6, 2010

DSC_0690_2022 On October 2, I planted the third of four raised beds.  This bed is located at the east side of the garden and receives full sun.  Fern strawberries were growing in the cinder blocks and have been transferred.  They were replaced with Crystal Palace Lobelia. 

I’m planting quite a few peas in hopes of freezing some.  Here’s how everything is supposed to mature:

Brussels Sprouts 90 days Happy New Year!
Peas 62 days Thanksgiving – maybe
Romaine Lettuce 55 days Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches
Bibb Lettuce 65 days Christmas party salad

The temperature has finally started to cool.  This morning (5:30am), I could see my breath!  I love this time of year.  In Bakersfield, we can celebrate the fact that we survived another summer.  Now I can work outside without melting and baking. 


October 10, 2009 – This bed has most everything sprouting.

DSC_0756_2083 Brussels sprouts are sprouting.  It looks like every danged seed is up.

DSC_0755_2082 Lettuce (Romaine and Bibb) has sprouted.  This stuff is infallible.

Note:  The peas are up.  I just didn’t grab a photo. 


Maureen said...

It's COLD out there today (yippee). We're planting lots of peas this year too, it's our sons favorite and I think it's the absolute best veggie for freezing. I love your 'when to use' chart...that is so helpful!

June said...

I know the heat is awful when it's awful. But what a wonderful thing to be able to plant such a variety NOW. We're tucking our beds away--except for some covered mache and spinach and arugula.

Enjoy your Christmas Bibb, lucky you!

Lisa Paul said...

Okay, I'm doing what you are doing, certainly with the peas, beets and carrots bed. I've given up on my beans which have been eaten down to the nubbins by some mystery varmint. I took your advice to shine a flashlight on them at night and see if they were pill bugs. None. Now I'm blaming mice, especially since I'm seeing the holes where they dug the seedlings up and the scattered seeds where they finished their feast.