Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nuccio’s Camellias & Azaleas


Today we took a road trip down to Nuccio’s in Altadena to pick out camellias and azaleas for the back garden.  Wow.  I could have stayed a month looking at the acres of beautiful plants they have to offer and learning all kinds of interesting stuff at this family run nursery.  They’ve been around since 1935.

DSC_0683_1999 Altadena is in the hills above Pasadena.  The hills are dry and recently were on fire.  Luckily, Nuccio’s was untouched by the fire.

DSC_0675_1991 Under the shade structures are gobs and gobs of camellias, azaleas, gardenia, and rhododendrons.  There were a few azaleas in bloom. DSC_0668_1984



We picked out Mrs. Tingley camellias and George L. Taber azaleas.  I’ll have more pictures of them later after they’re planted.  I plan to espalier the camellias to keep them in as much shade of the back garden wall as possible.  The Bakersfield sun could bake my purchase in a few hours if I’m not careful.

DSC_0664_1980 I need to keep the height under control unlike this gigantic beast!


Jim Nuccio didn’t cooperate in sitting for a portrait; but he was as helpful and attentive as could be expected from one of the owners of this fine family business.  Their website isn’t so great; but the nursery is awesome if you want to see and learn about these acid loving plants.  I plan to return in the winter to see the place in bloom.  Santa Anita Racetrack would also be on that visit!

santa anita


Lisa Paul said...

I'm impressed. But aren't Azaleas very tricky to grow needing specially acidic soil? I'm not really into the flower Divas.


Camellias and azaleas are acid loving plants. We're amending the soil and will fertilze accordingly. This morning all the camellias have been planted with the azaleas remaining. We ran out of peat moss. Once we're restocked, we'll continue on this morning. Since that bed will be taking an acid trip, I'm going to add hydrandeas. Pictures to follow.

lisa Paul said...

So THAT'S the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test!