Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nuts in the Garden

I’m not growing nuts in the garden.  My garden is going nuts.

DSC_0545_1876 The peach tree acts as though it’s in the Southern Hemisphere with its neighbor the plum tree.  Both are currently blooming.


The grasshoppers are invading me like a Mormon nightmare.  This sweet thing is affectionately known as Eileen (I lean.  Get it?!).  I’ve read that hot pepper wax is a good repellent and would like to read testimonials.  I would hate for my broccoli to taste like salsa.

DSC_0560_1887 Thankfully, the roses seem to be behaving.  The days are growing shorter and the temperature is bearable.  With that, I will be planting the rest of the fall crop.  Tomorrow Today, I plan to harvest harvested all the pumpkins and pulled out the vines.  This will be hard because there are still blooms on the vines.  I need the room to plant garlic.  Priorities.

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