Thursday, October 22, 2009

Garden Flowers

Here’s some flowers that are popping in the garden now that the weather have moved into bearable temperatures.  I’ll label the images as best I can.  Note: the images are straight out the camera.

DSC_0846_2166 Pansy – Mammoth RedDSC_0848_2168 Pansy – YellowDSC_0853_2173 Pansy – Butter YellowDSC_0854_2174 Lobelia – Crystal PalaceDSC_0862_2180 LantanaDSC_0864_2182English Lavender – MunsteadDSC_0869_2187 MarigoldsDSC_0870_2188 NastersiumDSC_0889_2207 Texas Ranger – Green CloudDSC_0891_2209 Rose – John Paul IIDSC_0895_2213 Rose – Pink (unknown)DSC_0896_2214 ImpatiensDSC_0899_2216 OxalisDSC_0904_2221 Rose – Bakersfield CentennialDSC_0909_2226 Rose – Lucille BallDSC_0912_2228 Duranta- RepensDSC_0914_2230 GeraniumDSC_0915_2231 Stock – Vintage WhiteDSC_0916_2232 Butterfly Bush – Pink Perfection (I think the label was wrong.)DSC_0917_2233 GardeniaDSC_0918_2234 Rose – Jaune Desprez

And here’s the more edible varieties.

DSC_0874_2192BasilDSC_0878_2196  Eggplant – Black BeautyDSC_0880_2198 Serrano PeppersDSC_0881_2199 Strawberries – FernDSC_0885_2203 Bell PeppersDSC_0886_2204 Lemon – Variegated Pink Lemon (blossom)DSC_0888_2206 Lemon – Variegated Pink Lemon (fruit)DSC_0920_2236 Plum – Santa Rosa (This tree is crazy.)

That’s it for today.  I just wanted to chronicle how much better we (plants, animals, and people) behave when the weather is nice.

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