Sunday, February 28, 2010


imageIn 1973, my mother walked to the Green Frog Market.  I don’t know what was on the shopping list; but I know things like Pop Tarts, Space Sticks, and Tang or Funny Face may have been on the list.  Anyway, the market was a few blocks away from our house.  On that day, a yard sale was taking place between our house and Green Frog.  In that yard sale was a patio swing.  I think the paint was a faded turquoise.  There was a frame for a canopy but there was no canopy or cushions.  She paid $7.50.  I’m sure a picture may exist of how it looked then; but I don’t think I’m up for the task of looking through boxes of old, unlabeled photos.  My mother thought she made a bad purchase.  $7.50 for a patio swing frame?!  Oh well.  It was ours. 

The swing was painted white and cushions filled the frame.  It was one of the best napping swings EVER.  Years flipped on the calendar.  The swing moved to a couple of other homes until it finally landed in my backyard.  Farmer MacGregor is handy.

Not only is Farmer MacGregor handy, he can paint.  He dismantled the old swing and prepared to paint it to match the trim on our house.  The swing was successfully reassembled; but Farmer MacGregor had plans – big plans.  Custom cushions with a custom canopy.  HIS plans would probably reach the $750 mark.  Preposterous!DSC_1048_3282Metal straps and springs needed to be gathered to replace hardware that never accompanied the swing back in 1973.  Materials were found and purchased at the local Home Depot.  Today, the swing was braced up to insure a firm seat and back. DSC_1050_3284 The metal frame has been attached to wooden 2X4s so it won’t damage the brick patio.  I found some cushions at Costco and…DSC_1051_3285 Viola!  I have my napping spot all mapped out for the afternoon.  The Sunday paper and some gardening books will be enjoyed.  I’ll be sewing some pillows to add to the comfort level.

Even though the purchase was made almost 40 years ago, my mother is still stewing on the fact that she paid entirely too much.

Note:  Old Bessie rides as good as ever.  I conked out while listening to A Chef’s Table and reading a gardening book.


Maureen said...

I WANT ONE!!!! Seriously, we've been looking for a swing like that since my grandparents died (the one they had got thrown away....eek!).

I have such wonderful memories of visiting them every summer (we lived down south, they lived in Visalia) and sitting on that swing on their back porch.....what a treasure you have there.

ps. Your mom and mine could be twins :)

L said...

Let's not lie to each other, Licorice will be stealing that as soon as the warm sun hits it and you'll be covered in black cat hair!


Wretched old cat!
She gets a princess bed yet wants my swing.