Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here Comes Spring

The buds are forming.  Some are even swelling so much that they are about ready to burst.  Here’s what’s going on in the garden:

DSC_1173_3038 Wisteria – My dad gave me this vine.  I’ve had it quite a few years and thought I lost it in the transplant.  Looks like it may thrive.

DSC_1174_3039 Day Lilies -  These rarely bloom.  I’m keeping them crowded to see if that might work.

DSC_1176_3041 Lilac – Love, love, love lilac.

DSC_1180_3045 Apricot – See the sap running?  I don’t like this cut and may correct the pruning later after the blossoms pop.

DSC_1181_3046 Nectarine – Thought this tree was scorched this summer and might need to be replaced.  Glad I was wrong.

DSC_1183_3048 Pear -  The buds are pointed and oblong.  Don’t know if these are leaves or blossoms.

DSC_1185_3050 Apple – Notice how orange the bark is?  It has a copper like shimmer to it due to the dormant oil spray.

DSC_1188_3053 Plum – This may be the earliest to bloom of the fruit trees.

DSC_1189_3054 Brussels Sprouts – The sprouts are finally starting to form.  These have some raindrops on them.

DSC_1191_3056 Camellias – This is my first year with camellias.  I don’t know if these buds are leaves or flowers.  Stay tuned.

DSC_1193_3058 Azaleas – See the pink starting to break through?  I’ve killed every azalea I’ve ever had and intend to break that trend.

DSC_1198_3063 Cauliflower – Old reliable keeps on giving and giving.

DSC_1208_3073 Roses – This Pope John Paul II and my Jaune Desprez along with all the other roses in the yard are all starting to leaf out.

The rain continued today.  It was soft and gentle but continual.  Lovely.


Lisa Paul said...

More beautiful pictures! Oh, and I added Bill Pickett to my Black History Month post per your suggestion. You may be interested to hear that the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo, the nation's only Black touring rodeo, will be hitting Bakersfield this summer.


Lisa: I believe that rodeo comes to my hometown every year and is a well attended event. Thanks for the history stuff.

Glennis said...

What great photos, Maybelline! I'm thrilled to see you have a Jaune Desprez! I had one in my Seattle garden and just loved it.

I had to smile at your worries for your wisteria. Mine is five years old and a monster!

I wish I knew more about pruning fruit trees. We bought the property with a mature apricot and plum, and I wish I could coax more fruit from the apricot (NOT a problem with the plum!). Come show me how!


g: Now's the time to prune. Unless your apricot and plum have started blooming, it's best to prune when they are dormant. You've inspired a potential post. Thanks for the idea.

Glennis said...

Ah - do enlighten me. Mine are real trees, not lovely esapliers like yours (oh, I envy you!), but I would love to know the basic principle for each. My gardener, Marcielo, prunes them but I'm not sure he is doing it right.