Wednesday, February 24, 2010


DSC_1000_3235 It’s almost time for the lilacs to explode around here.  I suspect they will open this weekend along with a lot of other blossoms like peaches.  I have 2 lilacs; and I have no idea what variety they are.

One is a cutting from Farmer MacGregor’s grandmother’s lilac.  It was started years ago and planted outside my kitchen window.  The bush was well over 6’ when it had to be uprooted to make way for a new walkway and fence.  It didn’t survive very well; but a cutting rooted and we’re starting all over again.

The other lilac is from a cutting given to be by a friend.  His great grandmother brought it with her when she migrated to the southern Sierra Nevadas years ago.

Both plants are now about the same size and both plants are very similar.  Currently, I’m trying to determine which is which.  I believe I have it figured out.  Regardless, I’m about to enjoy some great perfume.

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Glennis said...

I'm jealous of you! We're too warm here to grow lilacs!