Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall 2010 is Underway – Finally!

DSC_2136_5156There’s loads of work to do in order to get fall planting underway; but it’s finally underway.  Tentative plans, seeds, a reference book, and a pencil (erase as needed) come out with me to get things started.

DSC_2150_5170 The twine is cut from the tomato supports.  Any good fruit is harvested for distribution to neighbors, work associates, and family.  There are only 5 tomato plants remaining; so my source for fresh tomatoes is coming to an end.  The plants are clipped and tossed into the green waste leaving only a stump from what started out as seeds planted on March 1.

DSC_2154_5174 All the tomatoes had companion beneficial plants growing with them.  Radishes, basil, onions, carrots, and chives were planted to benefit the growth of the tomatoes.  If anything was harvested from those beneficials, that was a bonus.  One bed of tomatoes had chives growing with them exclusively.  I found that those plants grew the tallest (some over 9’) and the roots were extensive.  Some of the plants needed to have their roots cut with a shovel to enable the rest of the plant to come up.  Sheesh.

DSC_2152_5172 Grasshoppers were thriving in the remaining tomato patch.  When they were disturbed, they flew everywhere.  My exterminator Crocs got busy and did the pest control clog dance on as many bugs that would hold still.  Pumpkins were ripped out and a wave of squash bugs was crawling along the ground like moving gravel.  My dance routine moved to the pumpkin patch to send as many squash bugs to the other side as possible.  Note:  The pumpkin vines did not produce any pumpkins worth putting up with the squash bug infestation; so out they went to make way for blueberry bushes (I think.).

DSC_2139_5159 There were more tomatoes planted this year and there were more hornworms.  Here’s one with it’s winter coat on already.

DSC_2145_5165 So far, this is the list of seeds planted:

Lettuce (2 types)  - germinated
Radishes - germinated
Bunching Onions

Still to be planted:

Carrots (2 types)
Cabbage (2 types)


The planting schedule may be a bit behind schedule but I’m doing the best I can.


Char's Gardening said...

Nice batch of tomatoes, if I were you neighbor I would gladly take a few. I planted a second summer crop for the first time this year and hope to get some tomatoes before it freezes. I was late getting it planted but there is still time, as I live in Florida.


POST CORRECTION: The beneficial that helped the tomatoes most was bunching onions and NOT chives.

*Char: Does it freeze in Florida? I thought that freezing temperatures were just a freak occurrence.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I was going to say..not chives..they re seed so horridly! Good to hear that they were bunching onions. It seems so foreign to hear of someone planting..but if you have the weather for it..go for it! :)


*Far: Planting is a year round deal here.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. I enjoyed the tour. I love your Great Pyrenees. I have a weakness for big furry white dogs. I have no sheep to attend, but would love to have one.