Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon / Planting Moon

DSC_2158_5178 Fall planting is almost complete.  I’m a bit late but I hope to see some results.  As expected, the radishes are up.  The radishes pictured above are Jaune D’Or Ovales.  These were planted on September 16 and the photo was taken this evening (September 22).  These radishes are planted in the lettuce bed that was most recently the Lemon Squash bed.

I use stakes and old tomato cages to keep garden kitties (any kitties) out.  Redwood stakes are used to mark the rows.  Even though I write down what I planted on the seed packet and on my garden plan, the stakes are a handy reference.

DSC_2166_5186 This evening, I planted as long as I could thinking that the light of the harvest moon would help me complete my planting.  No way.  I’m almost done though.

Here’s what’s in the ground now:

Bed 1

Bed 2

Bed 3

Bed 4

Peas – Tall Telephone Lettuce - Merlot   Cabbage – Early Jersey Wakefield
blank Radishes - Watermelon   Onions – Yellow of Parma
Peas – Tall Telephone Lettuce - Cimmaron   Cabbage – Mammoth Red Rock
Peas – Tall Telephone Beets - Crapaudine   Beets – Early Wonder
Carrots – to be determined Radishes – Juane D’Or Ovale   Cauliflower – Purple of Sicily
Carrots – Atomic Red Onions – He-Shi-Ko   Onions – Flat of Italy
Carrots – to be determined Lettuce – Brune d’Hiver   Broccoli – to be determined
Carrots – Cosmic Purple Lettuce - Iceberg   WILD CARD
  Stevia   Lavender
  Strawberries - established   Orange Thyme
  Basil - established    

The beds are listed from west to east.  The crops are listed from west to east with framing crops at the bottom of each list.  Grey italic means the seeds still need to be planted.

The hot peppers in bed 3 (Serranos and Black Hungarians) are producing like mad and I’m going with the flow.  This bed may be reserved for early tomato planting in about six months.  I don’t know.

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Lo said...

Your energy, dedication and faith overwhelm me.

All I can say is, "Wow".