Monday, September 6, 2010

On the Grapevine

DSC_2098_5067 The 2nd season for the Red Flame Grapes is coming to an end.  Production was great.  There were many bunches of grapes although the size of the fruit was pretty small but flavorful.  The vine has grown vigorously over the arbor and along both sides of the adjoining fence.

DSC_2097_5066  (Notice the Luffa Gourd in the background, right?  Not one stinking bloom.  Nothing.  Also note Pumpkin loitering around the grapevine.  This will come into play on the last photo.)  The grapevine is doing great with few pest problems.  Throughout the summer I found a few hornworms on the vine as well as on the ground below.  Those critters were squished.  This evening I saw something a little unusual.

DSC_2094_5063 I’ve never seen a hornworm any other color but green.  Because of the unusual color (to me), I’m leaving this guy alone to see what happens.  Maybe the birds will spot it easier.  Maybe it will form an unusual pupae.  It can’t do much damage now and I’ll deal with any of its offspring next year.

DSC_2096_5065 Is it peculiar for grapes to form a 2nd time in one summer?  If not – will these grapes mature in time for Thanksgiving?

DSC_2095_5064 Old Dovie seems to be making it through dove season just fine.

The End

Get it?!

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Bill Bird said...

I can hardly wait for my second season next spring. Some of the vines are growing GREAT GUNS. Some are doing pretty good. Only one has yet to scale the top of the 4.5 foot high trellis. Seven out of eight -- not so bad. I'm told that I should really not allow production until the third year of growth -- but I plan on cheating. That's just me.