Sunday, March 27, 2011

Point & Shoot

I have concocted a screwy way to take pictures when my back won’t allow me to get down on the ground with my eye against the camera.  I simply set the camera to automatic, point, shoot, and hope for the best.  Here are some of the results from today’s garden tour without any editing:

DSC_2404Granny Smith Apple


DSC_2401Al Kuffa Tomato (harding off)




DSC_2412 Merlot Lettuce


DSC_2405 Golden Bantam Corn


DSC_2410 Strawberries


DSC_2413 O’Henry Peach


DSC_2415unknown variety Fig


DSC_2400 George L. Taber Azalea



Generally, the images turn out just fine.


Lo said...

I think your photos came out amazingly well......everything looks like it is busting out all over.....except, perhaps....the corn....I am not at all sure about the corn.

Love, LO

Melissa Price said...

Not bad at all, Maybelline. What kind of camera do you use?

Mike said...

You have some of the best garden pictures on the web.

Anonymous said...

Love the apple bloom and lettuce pics!

dorothy said...

I would say that your point & shoot method works very well. I have a heck of a time trying to photograh the helleboros and they have such pretty little faces but they always hang their heads!

Glennis said...

Ah yes. I'm practising this school of photography myself.

Lisa Paul said...

What amazing shots for letting the camera do the work! Clearly your point-and-shoot is smarter than mine. In Macro mode, mine still always wants to focus on the background and keep the subject blurry.