Thursday, June 23, 2011


It’s too hot to go work out in the garden until the sun sets.  Even then, butter melts and so do I.  Taking photos require the use of the flash and that means harsher images like this.

DSC_2154_6651Blenheim Apricot

I had my first taste of a garden fresh apricot this morning.  Rather, it’s the first taste I’ve had from this apricot tree.  The sun wasn’t over the Sierras yet while I enjoyed the deliciousness of a juicy, just picked apricot.  Dang it.DSC_2159_6656Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet Corn

Okay the lens is kinda dirty; but that is giving a twinkling effect caused by the street light on the other side of the wall.  There are some ears of corn in there (the garden bed – not the lens) and quite a few bean pods.  Everything in the garden is enjoying the heat (103 today – gross).

These flash pictures may be harsh; but I’ll tell you what harsh is in the garden.  Harsh is how I deal with grasshoppers gnashing on my tomatoes.


Goodbye, turkey.  My attorney will be in touch.

Can you name what classic Jerry Reed song that line is derived?


Note:  Listening to Jerry Reed in the garden helps the work more enjoyable especially if you’re dancing with your dog.


Sue said...

Harsh light or not, that apricot looks great. I'd LOVE to be able to grow them...........

DJK said...

She got the gold mine, I got the shaft.

DJK said...

But I thought it was "Tookie".... like a term of endearment for the last time.

I gotta tell you: I have two blogs that I get super excited to see in bold in my Google Reader....and yours is one of them. and now I like you even more that I know you love Jerry Reed!