Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Love Global Warming!

DSC_2215_6572Sweet peas continue to bloom in the garden.  Sure.  They’re starting to go to seed but there are still sweet peas blooming in the garden and it’s June 4th!  Once they have petered out, the green beans will be planted.  Shoot.  Green beans probably won’t be ready until Labor Day.

DSC_2216_6573Typically I’m whining about the hellish heat by the time the calendar pages have been torn down to show June.  I’ve been in a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans all day long.  Right now I have some comfy slippers on keeping my cold feet a bit warmer.  What the heck?!  I love it.  Please hear my gratitude.  I hope it’s as loud or even louder than my whining.

DSC_2221_6578Sure.  There are some around here complaining that it’s not hot yet.  I only smile at them and nod hoping not to trigger anything in their obvious mental unbalance.  Rather than me rant about the foolishness of “global warming” or “climate change” or whatever else it’s called now, the bees and I are deliriously happy with things the way they are now and will enjoy buzzing around the garden as long as this weather holds.  It’s good to be content.


Melissa Price said...

I'm totally jealous, Maybelline. Heat index of 107 degrees here in Alabama today. (Temps very near or at 100 degrees all week.) Swamp pants. That's all I have to say.

Lo said...

You can report me for cheating if you like.....This is really a comment not on this blog, but in answer to your comment on my blog where you said.............

"It is interesting though when a reader puts a different tone to something that gets posted. Sometimes things can spin out of control for a bit."

You are so right.....I am amazed that some people don't realize that I am writing tongue in cheek and others will seize upon one phrase and embroider it totally out of context.

However, I don't mind as long as they do comment!

And you, my dear, I think get me best of all. Thanks for your remarks.