Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pumpkin Planting Time

imagePlanting pumpkins in June should allow enough time to develop some nice squash to enjoy starting in September.  Today, I planted 4 hills (3 seeds each) of Jarrahdale Pumpkins.  Peat moss, sand, and soil amendment was added to help fluff up the raised bed.  Terroir Seeds description on the package lists 95 – 100 days should be allowed to produce 12 – 20 pound blue-grey fruits with stringless, thick, medium-sweet flesh.  The vines are known to give high yields of pumpkins that are good keepers.  I hope to eat the pumpkins as well as use them for decorations.  Aphids, pill bugs, earwigs, and beetles are expected pests.  Yes.  I’m still looking for toads.

In addition to the pumpkins, 2 more rows of Golden Bantam Corn were planted.  When my new order of Borlotto Solista Beans arrive, they will be planted amongst the corn to help establish a second 3 Sisters bed.  A few more Sugar Baby Watermelons seeds were sown in the melon bed.

Now everything is planted and ready for the summer heat although this weekend there is a chance of rain down here in the valley and snow up in the mountains.

Summer’s Cast of Characters:

  • Corn - Golden Bantam
  • Squash - Lemon
  • Beans - Borlotto Solista
  • Pumpkins -Jarrahdale
  • Bell Peppers – Red Beauty, Red Marconi, Super Heavyweight
  • Watermelon – Malali, Sugar Baby
  • Tomatoes – Al Kuffa, Beefsteak, Brown’s Yellow Giant, Heinz, Rutgers, Santa Clara, Tigerella,

There will be onions, carrots, radishes, and French marigolds planted whenever the seeds arrive to act as beneficials for the main crops.


Green Zebra Market Garden said...

Jarrahdales are gorgeous. You may not even want to eat them because they are so pretty sitting around the house!

Jetgirl said...

Have you grown the Malali watermelons before? This is my first year and they're getting a VERY slow start. I'm in Sacramento and last year they would have taken off like a rocket, but this year is so cold!


*Green: I hope to have enough to serve both purposes.
*Jet: I grew the Malali watermelons last year with success. The cooler weather is keeping them stunted this year along with the pill bugs. Just wait when the heat turns up. They should really blast off.

Maureen said...

Just planted that same pumpkin...along with a white and a Big Max. Here's hoping ONE of them wins the 'battle of the squash bug'!!!


*Maureen - No kidding. Last year I was overrun.