Friday, June 24, 2011

Radio Nuts

An “elegantly mature” neighbor up the road likes to sit out in his driveway with his garage door open and listen to the radio broadcasts of the Dodgers’ ball games.  He likes to sit out in his driveway shirtless.  Fine.  At least when I stroll by he will relay the score and his opinion of the game so far.  I listen to all kinds of things on the radio but I do not like to listen to baseball.


I prefer to listen to opinionated talk shows, fun game shows, oldies rock, or old country music.  Country music and Bakersfield have been paired together for sometime.  There used to be great live broadcasts.  Now there are only broadcasts on KCWR  Friday and Saturday nights from Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace.  Fine.  Old country music is great to sing along and dance to…and I do.  Sure the neighbors probably think I’m nuts; but at least I’m not sitting out on the driveway shirtless.

It’s always nice to have goals.

Note:  Dang it.  The link to listen doesn’t work.  Seems the only way you can enjoy a live broadcast from the Crystal Palace is to either be there or in Bakersfield listening to the radio.

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Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I looked at the website but can't figure out which time the Buck Owens Cyrstal Palace comes on, they seem to list it by DJ. If you find out, let me know and I think I can listen on line. I may have to dance with a cat though.