Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moon Flowers Celebrate Labor Day!


Here they come!  The Moon Flowers are starting to open.  This is one planting I did not track.  I didn’t keep the seed packet like I usually do and write down the date I planted the seeds, the date they germinated, and the date of harvest (if any).  Dang.  I do know that I didn’t buy the seeds any place fancy.  Most likely Floyd’s Hardware Store or the Rite Aid Drug Store.  I think I must have planted them sometime in July.

The perfume reminds me of soap – a very clean scent.  Too bad it’s too danged hot to keep my bedroom windows open.  These are growing up on a pergola off of my patio.

They are super simple to grow and just need something to climb up like a fence, arbor, trellis, or string.  If you see a pack of seeds for about $1.50, pick them up and give them a try next summer.  Sun and water each day seems to be all these needed.  I’ll post more pictures and the blooms open fully.

Check out the list and see progress.



There looks to be a small aphid problem on the blossoms; but it really doesn’t matter much to a flower that only lasts one night.



Sue said...

If I EVER get caught up on projects, it was my plan to try a "moon" garden again and see what that brings in....there are lots of nighttime pollinators. Check yours out some night and see if you get any interesting creatures. I had a Luna moth once years ago on mine.

dorothy said...

Congratulations on your moonflower bloom! I only have foliage and I'm beginning to womder if it will bloom before the first frost!

Lona said...

How beautiful Maybelline. I well enjoy yours since I do not think mine is ever going to get a bloom.