Friday, September 2, 2011



Today a variety of tools are being used to plow through the list.  Early this morning all the irrigation was finished up to allow enough time to prune the fruit trees.  There wasn’t enough fertilizer to feed them all; so that will get crossed off the list with the purchase of more fertilizer this afternoon.  Loads of deadheading was accomplished too.  Excellent.

Ajax had a great time of water sports by playing in the sprinklers until he was drenched.  I took the cue and went to swim in the late morning.  Excellent.

Now the scent of brownies with toasted pecans fills the kitchen.  Excellent.

I’m off to cross more off my list.  Going shopping at the nursery.  Farmer MacGregor cleaned up the boxwood clippings and washed the windows.  Excellent.


dorothy said...

Sounds like your Labor Day weekend is off to an excellent start!

Amy said...

It's a good day!