Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer, I would like to introduce you to Autumn.


This evening the garden tour revealed that most of the tomatoes and all the watermelons need to be ripped from the summer beds to make way for the winter garden.  As I was picking the first of the pumpkins and the last of the tomatoes, the wind kicked up and the big, fat splashes of rain came down.  Looking at the photo you could imagine that it was time to fly inside and get some warm, comfortable clothes on and hibernate.  Negative.  When I went back inside, I needed to crank up the AC.  It was 102° today.  With 100% humidity, it was gross.  If this is what it’s like in the South, count me out.

Tomorrow, the ripping commences with hopes of getting some seeds and seedlings planted.  Thank goodness Mama Nature is going to cool it down a bit this weekend.  There’s lots to get done before the real autumn arrives.

PS – What’s going on in the blogosphere?  Most blogs that I follow have slowed way down on posting…just like me.  There must be lots of stuff to get done before the real autumn arrives everywhere.


Lo said...

How would you like a healthy, 18" totally rooted Trumpet Vine for a fence in your garden? Huge blossoms spring and summer.

And I could also send you some seeds from a fantastic sweet red pepper I have been growing. And maybe a few geranium cuttings? I seem to be overflowing.

Jetgirl said...

102 and rainy? I'm headed to Bako next weekend; I hope it doesn't do that again.

I commented a couple months ago asking about the Malali watermelon. Planted four vines, got three melons - and they were very slow to start. I've picked one, but it was too soon. Not very sweet, and incredibly fibrous. Don't think I'll grow them again!

Sue said...

My temps are about 1/2 of yours. What a difference!

As for the slowdown in blogosphere-well, it's harvest time. No time for much else. I know I haven't had much time to keep up with many blogs.

Amy said...

Welcome to my world. Actually, I am thankful our morning and evenings are great. It is the in between that is still too hot and humid.
I guess everyone is outside in their garden these days. I have even had a chance to clean up a bit...finally. Have fun sowing those seeds. :)

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*Lo - Sounds great except we are miles and miles apart. Perhaps when one of my garden gnomes heads up to Bakersfield from the LA area, they could be our currier. You are very generous.

*Jetgirl - It's that time of year in Bakersfield where the weather dishes out the tough stuff to see what we're made of. My Malali didn't do very well either. The last of the melons have been harvested and I think they are Sugar Babies.

*Sue - I couldn't imagine a winter of snow instead of breathable gardening weather.

*Amy - I enjoy sowing seeds, it's the preparation of the beds that stinks. That's labor!

Lona said...

So much for the word Fall. Girl that is just too hot for this time of the year.

Maureen said...

I blame blog postings dwindled considerably because of my social network addiction;)

Lovely photo of what APPEARS to be the coming of Autumn....maybe this weekend we'll finally get the cooler weather we've been promised!

Glennis said...

We've had foggy mornings and cool nights. But they say it will heat up next week, so who knows?