Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thanks Pollinators

DSC_2235_6976Wow.  Pollinators are bombarding the Texas Ranger early this morning.  Bees, butterflies, and bumblebees were getting busy.  The activity seemed to slow down as the sun got higher in the sky.DSC_2236_6977The pollinators zoomed between the Texas Ranger, lantana, lavender, and pumpkin blossoms.  Texas Rangers grow great in zone 8-9.  Very low maintenance.  Very low water needs once established.  With the important work of pollinators in the garden I can enjoy harvests like the one I had this morning.DSC_2242_6983Granny Smith apples for an apple cake needed to be harvested to remove a bit of weight from the lateral branches of the tree.  I’ll spend some time after this post searching for a recipe.DSC_2245_6986A “dinky donk”, softball sized watermelon was cut up for taste sampling later this afternoon.  I’m guessing that it’s a Sugar Baby variety.  There are a few more forming.  I’ll keep the vines around for a few more weeks while the weather is screaming hot.  Maybe I’ll get a few more melons.  Winter crops (seeds) are waiting to be planted as soon as the melons get pulled.

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