Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

DSC_1349_4002I went to the local farmers’ market this morning because I’m between crops; so I need to supplement.  Farmer Tesch’s tables provided lettuces and summer squash.  Murry Farms had some strawberries.  Flossie Faye Farms had local honey.  I didn’t catch the name of the citrus farmers from Dinuba; but I picked up oranges and mandarins.  With this and stuff I had, I made a smashing fruit salad.

Why on earth did I buy strawberries?  I have exactly one gajillion plants.  Yes.  The birds are killing me. They peck at one and move on to another.  Couldn’t they just finish one berry before moving on?  So I bought the basket of strawberries then went to buy some scare tape.  Three stupid dollars for strawberries?!DSC_1354_4007 Strips of the reflective mylar tape is now being used to scare birds from the strawberries, peaches, and grapes.  So far, so good.DSC_1358_4011 I do not want to lose any of these peaches to pesky birds.DSC_1364_4017 I then stopped by Floyd’s to pick up a couple containers of night crawlers.  This big babies were split between the four raised beds.DSC_1351_4004

Other stuff going on in the garden:DSC_1357_4010 Second tomato bed ready for planting.DSC_1360_4013 More grapes are forming.DSC_1382_4027 The lavender is beginning to bloom.DSC_1373_4020 I finally captured a close up photo of the lobelia without washing out the color.DSC_1372_4019 We’ve got about four days like this without rain.  Tomorrow I will probably plant the seeds for radishes, chives, carrots and onions.  I may even start the lemon squash.

Then again, I may just read the Sunday Bakersfield Californian and take a nap.


Siren said...

Hey Maybelline! Thanks for posting these things, they are very helpful to the novices! I never knew about the reflective scare tape but I had bird problems last year and need to get some of it for this year. I think I'm going to put a bird feeder in the front yard to keep them away from the back yard garden.

What are the nightcrawlers for? If you have a lot of regular worms do you need them?


*Siren - The night crawlers help the soil. They take organic matter and convert it to worm poop. The also help bring oxygen to the plant roots via their worm holes. Any earthworm does the trick. I wouldn't feed any birds since they are thieves in my garden. I do feed the hummingbirds.

Cheri said...

Oh my! I love your garden! I wish I could grow all those things myself (unfortunately I live in an apartment). :)


*Cheri - It seems your talent is culinary. Outstanding.