Friday, April 2, 2010

Road Trip Sonoma – Part II

DSC_1322_3694 We gave our sneakers a rest, left Sonoma, and headed up to Santa Rosa to visit the Pacific Coast Air Museum.  The museum is located at the Charles M. Schulz Airport.  Cool.  DSC_1339_3711As we entered Santa Rosa, I noticed the walking paths are lined with wisteria.  Really. Does everything grow beautifully here?  DSC_1362_3734Farmer MacGregor is a huge fan of military aviation – especially WWII.  Oh yeah.  He can fly the crap out of an Medal of Honor Airborne.  It seems like a place old boys love to hang out.  Farmer MacGregor enjoyed guiding our tour.DSC_1342_3714 DSC_1370_3742 I enjoyed this kind of stuff…DSC_1340_3712 DSC_1344_3716 DSC_1358_3730 

Next up – eats.


Lisa Paul said...

Next time up here, take Farmer McGregor to the little airstrip on Highway 37 as you enter Sonoma (across from the fruit stand). Dozens of vintage planes that you can take up for an hour or two, including a Corsair, a bi-plane, and a Red Baron tri-plane.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Have fun! I love Sonoma... check out Chateau Sonoma if you are there! :)