Sunday, April 11, 2010

Masterful Azaleas

Have you been watching the Masters?  Have you seen the azaleas?

image Amazing.


NellJean said...

Gaudy, aren't they? The whole lower part of the state is covered in them. They are a short show, just a little longer than the Masters. Once the blooms fade, they're just evergreens for another year. While they're blooming, though, every old shack in the country is transformed to Fairyland, including mine.


*NellJean - I would love for my little azaleas to grow up and become just like those at Augusta.

Christine said...

I have had two lonely blooms on my azalea to date. Have I done something wrong or did the pair just jump the gun while the rest await warmer days?


*Christine - this is my 1st year with a rigorous attempt at growing azaleas. I bought mine last year and have only seen 1 flower.