Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gardening Fashion


That’s my grandpa with my cousin (circa 1961).  The setting could be Scotland or England.  I’m guessing England and My mother has informed me that the photo was taken in the back garden at 12 Moat Drive in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I’m guessing Lesley in one.  Look how he’s dressed in the garden.  Trousers.  Braces.  Socks.  Shoes.  Shirt.  Cap.  I bet his jacket had been removed because it’s warm in England in July. 

Let’s compare with what I had on today in the garden.  Linen cropped pants with a missing button and zipper that had a mind of its own.  Stained blue t-shirt (at least it had a collar and buttons).  Torn chambray shirt to keep the liver spots at bay.  Big straw hat to shade my sun damaged skin.  Please don’t forget the Crocs.  Oh yes, my Crocs are green in the backyard and brown in the front yard.  I’m the Imelda Marcos of gardening fashion.  Smokin’!


Stacy and Clinton, I need your help.

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