Monday, October 25, 2010

Aunt Aloe Vera


There is an Aloe Vera plant in the garden.  It’s a gigantic Aloe Vera plant.  Did my neighbor give it to me?  Did I buy it?  Did my Aunt Vera give it to me?  I don’t remember.  I never use it.  Dumb.  I should.  It’s gigantic.  This summer it was growing out in the full sun.  The sun was getting the best of the Aloe Vera.  I put on some heavy duty gloves and rolled the pot under some shade cloth that is used for the Camellias.  It improved and is enjoying the new location.



Black Widow spiders enjoy living in it, on it, and all around the pot.  It has outgrown its pot.  The pot is a cheap, junky, plastic container that really doesn’t suite such a large plant.  The whole thing is top heavy.


This Spring it was in bloom at the end of April when the temperatures started to climb.  Should I plant it in the ground where it is thriving?  Should I leave it alone?  Should I wait until Spring?


L said...

Leave it.

Maureen said...

No idea.....but I LOVE your photos:)

Melissa Price said...

I've always grown aloe in pots as a house plant. I have seen people growing it outside in their yards and it gets GIGANTIC if left to it's own devices. I mean HUGE. (Think 5 x 5 ft.!!!) That said, I can't imagine not having some available when someone gets burned. My children love to snap off a tip and apply it to their wounds.

Aunt Snow said...

I have such an overgrown one myself. Pretty coral-colored flowers.

Char's Gardening said...

I think I would either plant or repot the aloe. In my experience they are extremely hardy plants, so it would probably be fine in the pot it's in if that's what you choose.


I suppose I'll consider a pot.