Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pick a Peck


I pronounce that I have picked about 5 pecks of peppers this weekend.  Certainly much more than that came out of the pepper patch this summer to make salsa, pepper poppers, and share with others; but the final harvest was about 5 pecks.  The plants needed to be cleared out to make way for the garlic and more broccoli to be planted this week.

The pepper processing has begun in the kitchen.  The peppers are being sorted for salsa and stuffing purposes.  Only the big, beefy ones move on to stuffing status while the others will join home grown tomatoes as salsa.

A peck is a unit of dry volume or capacity in the U.S. Customary System equal to 8 quarts.


Anonymous said...

What a lot of peppers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for your comment on my new blog! I have visited your blog on and off but I don't know if I ever commented. I will get the hang of this soon. Wow -that is a lot of peppers. And I was going to guess spinach, then zinnia, then I saw the real answer - tomato! I have some sort of squash volunteer that came up in the compost pile. Just couldn't bring myself to turn it under in the pile so I moved it to somewhere it will grow (hopefully). I hope to know what it is SOON!. Sincerely, Emily

Glennis said...

Whoa. That's some hot stuff.

Are you going to pickle some of them?


*Aunt: I'm done. I'm pooped. The peppers will be strung for drying and frozen for use a bit later. Fall planting and pruning is kicking my pickled behind.