Thursday, October 14, 2010

California Strawberries


Strawberries were enjoying the cooler weather we had recently.  Sadly, the temperatures are back up; but they should be alright.  The berries were forming in an oblong shape rather than a fat, round shape; so they were fed this past weekend.  The runners are being rooted and transplanted to frame the salad bed.  The plants are set up on an automatic drip system that is off for now because I’ve been hand irrigating the beds until all the seeds are up a bit more.

Let’s hope for a wet winter so no irrigation will be necessary.  I’m fascinated by gardeners in other areas that will post on their blog noting they had to attach a hose and irrigate their gardens during brief, hot, dry spells.  What a difference the climate is in Bakersfield.  Irrigating is a way of life when you can garden year round.  With any luck, the Tule fog will be rolling in next month and sticking around until February.

The way, the strawberries may be small and oblong; but the taste is terrific and more intense than ever.  I prefer to simply pick them, rinse them, and eat them.  Others prefer the whole heavy cream version.  Give this recipe from the California Strawberry Commission a try. 

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