Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beef Cake on a Carrot Cake

It was a day of gifts starting with bird remains on the patio from a garden kitty before the sun even thought about coming up.  Well wishes, thoughtful thoughts, and a variety of even more goodies that smelled good, looked good, felt good, and tasted good filled my day.  Special deliveries, envelopes from the postman, and personal deliveries lasted all day long.  It’s wonderful to be remembered.  Not many photos were taken to mark the day; but I had to snap off a few to chronicle the occasion.


Even though Tom Selleck couldn’t be with me in person on this special day, I’m glad he could be here in frosting.  And really, is there anything much better than frosting (Except for frosting ala Herb Alpert, 1965.) ?  No.  I didn’t think so.  Thanks for showing up Tom.


This blog is to record what is going on in Maybelline’s Garden for my reference and the occasional entertainment of others.  The only way I can tie this into gardening is that there are royal icing daisies on the carrot cake.  AND  Tom’s chest hair is made of coconut.  That’s right.  Coconut.


It was a nice day with fond memories and no embarrassing hoopla.  Thank you everyone.


To the 2nd City writing classThat cake is a fine example of how to write funny without being shocking.  Find your truly funny niche in a world that has enough shocking junk occurring.  Lift the rest of us up with joyful laughter.  Pure and funny.


Melissa Price said...

Happy birthday, Maybelline! I got a good laugh out of that cake! Tom looks delicious... ; )

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Your Tom Cake should looks good. I am back home after being away for 2 weeks and catching up on my blog-reading.

Your Aunt Ale Vera has a beautiful yellow flower. When we lived in Palm Springs I planted a few in the corner of our lot and after several years they took over. I didn't mind, but in hind sight I should have thinned them out as the babies grew and grew and had more babies. They had a nice peach/coral flower.

Also, your lettuce looks nice. My garden was doing GREAT until it froze for the last 2 nights. Even with the covers I lost all the tender things. I am one sad sad girl. But the lettuce is looking good as are the other winter things like broc, cabbage, etc.

Sincerely, Emily

Francesca said...

Happy birthday! I looks like you had a fun day:)

Glennis said...

Hilarious!!! Rowr! Happy Birthday!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday you young thing! I kinda like Tom too:)