Friday, October 15, 2010

We Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

DSC_2268_5310One of the raised beds in the garden has been dedicated to Forrest and Jenny this fall/winter.  Nothing but peas and carrots are growing there.  Two varieties of carrots – Atomic Red and Cosmic Purple – are looking very healthy.  Carrot seeds are fairly fine and are only need to be sown on top of the soil they are meant to grow.  Like all other root crops, remove any stones from the well draining soil before planting.  Just barely cover the seeds and keep the soil moist.  The seeds should sprout in about a week.  A second crop of each variety was sown about three weeks later to insure a continuous harvest.

DSC_1202_2526 Tall Telephone Peas is the only variety of peas that are being grown this season.  The first crop was planted on September 18 and the second crop was planted October 4.  These seeds are much larger than carrot seeds.  The seed is a pea that needs to be planted 2” deep and 6” apart.  I have planted the rows about 3’ apart to allow room to move between rows.  This variety is expected to grow about 9’ tall; so twine has been strung on the supports that were used for tomatoes in the summer in anticipation of vigorous growth.  The seeds sprout in about a week and can be sown as long as the temperatures remain above 78 degrees.


L said...

You know what this post is missing? Photos of Licorice and Pumpkin.


L: Those 2 garden kitties are featured on every post. See them on the right column. Their story is best titled the Princess & the Pea. We both know who the princess is in the garden.

Lisa Paul said...

Great minds think alike! I have a Forrest and Jenny bed myself. However, as usual, in Northern California, my harvest is about half a month behind yours.