Sunday, October 24, 2010

Krusty in the Garden

More time is being spent in the garden and less time inside due to the wonderful change of the seasons.  Here are a few things that have been knocked off the list of things to do:


Plant the Cyclamen (Fantasia) at the base of the Wisteria under the pergola.  Cyclamen grows fairly well here during the cooler months.  When the weather turns hot, the Cyclamen say, “Farewell”.  They can make a comeback when the weather eases up.  I used up some of my planting mix for Azaleas and some Azalea fertilizer to get these babies started.  Cyclamen should not be kept wet so plant them a bit high to avoid rotting the roots.


This fall every stinkin’ radish seed must have sprouted.  There is an abundance of radishes that were harvested.  Both varieties (Jaune D’Or Ovale & Watermelon) will be taken to work to share with associates.  Did you know that the greens can be sauteed in olive oil and garlic?  I didn’t even know you could eat the greens.  The golden variety is very peppery.  The space where these were growing is needed to move some lettuce transplants.

DSC_2311_5233 I’ve never transplanted lettuce before; but, like the radishes, most every lettuce seed sprouted and the sprouts need room to develop.  Today was a cool, overcast day; so it seemed a perfect time to give it a shot.  If all the transplants survive their move, I will be in salad all winter long.  The salad bed will be renamed Salinas South.  Most all the beds were thinned and seedlings were transplanted wherever possible.  Sadly, a pile of Purple Cauliflower seedlings were sacrificed because I just don’t think we will be able to eat that much cauliflower.  There are plenty left along with broccoli, cabbage, beets, peas, carrots and onions.


Most all the herbs are thriving.  The Lettuce Leaf Basil just won’t slow down.  It gets pruned regularly.  My work associates enjoy this basil.  Someone brags about their recipe using my basil on their pizza.  I have yet to receive any pizza.  Maybe some day.  Some herbs that were planted didn’t even germinate – Stevia and Lavender.  Duds.


The Borlotto Solista Beans look like blush colored ornaments on the dying vines.  Harvest time for these beans is coming up.  The support will be removed and stored for the winter while I plan out the summer garden.  Maybe green beans will grow in the garden in a few months.


See the pot of Rosemary and Thyme?  It reminds me of Krusty the Clown.  image

These are things I think about when I’m out gardening.  Scary.


Lo said...

I am in awe of you.....what dedication and talent!

I am jealous too.....all those lovely veggies and herbs and from seeds.......


Glennis said...

God, your photos are just so good!!!

I love cyclamens, but I tend to be drawn to the ones that are most like the species - simple ones. The ones with propeller-like petals and bright crazy colors I like less than the small, simple, graceful ones. Do you grow them from seed? How long do they take from germination to flowering?


*Lo - I put in the work but nature does its thing.

*Aunt - Thanks. I didn't grow the cyclamen from seed. They do propagate by seed however. I believe the seeds should not be allowed to dry out and be kept in the shade or dark in order to germinate. Seems kinda tricky but I might give it a try.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lavander is very hard to needs water at just the right time..I think it takes about 42 days from sow to transplant size in the it is no wonder it didn't grow for you...yet.
Beautiful photos of your gardens..:)