Monday, August 15, 2011

Here Comes Fall!!!

Well, here comes fall planting.  It’s still hot enough for swamp pants.  It’ll be that way through October.  The seeds need to get in now that the first 3 Sisters bed has been pulled.  There’s a few beans that remain on the west end of this east end bed.


The photo is oriented north and each drip line has something planted (or soon will have planted) on either side.  It looks pretty pitiful now but so would you if you spent an endless summer under blistering sun.    Here’s what’s planted from west to east.  (That’s from left to right).  I’ve noted the dates the seeds were planted and the days to maturity.

  • Lettuce – Merlot (8/15/11, 50-60 days) – loose leaf, dark burgundy.  It grew well last winter.
  • Onions – White Lisbon (8/15/11, 60 days)– bunching.  These grow fast and will give immediate gratification.
  • Beets – Early Wonder (8/15/11, 50 days)– dark, round, and delicious pickled.  It’s the seeds I had on hand.  I ran out on this row and need to grab more seeds.
  • Cabbage – Copenhagen Market –  Planting is pending acquisition of seeds.  This variety has grown well in the garden a couple of years ago.
  • Beets – Early Wonder (8/15/11, 50 days) – Do I like beets?
  • Cauliflower – Early Snowball (8/13/11 & 8/15/11, 65 days)- tight and white.  Does great in this garden.
  • Beets – Early Wonder (8/15/11, 50 days) – What the heck?  I plan on canning pickled beets.  Sue me.
  • Broccoli – Waltham 29 (8/13/11, 80 days) – A proven variety in this garden.  Tender, tight, easy to grow.

At the top of each irrigation line are planted Buttercup squash(8/13/11, 95 days).  It’s a winter squash I’ve never tried; but Floyd’s had the seeds and I was game.  Sparkler radishes (8/13/11, 25 days) are sprinkled throughout.

This bed is about one month ahead of planting last year.  My goal is to harvest by Thanksgiving.  It’s nice to have goals.  Another goal is to survive swamp pants season and enjoy a cool – cold and wet winter.  Come on October!


The garden was pumping along nicely at Thanksgiving 2010.  Come on October!


dorothy said...

I'm taking notes about your plantings. Still trying to decide if I want to give vegggies another try. I'm trying to convince hubby to give up some lawn for a vegetable garden. Anyway your garden is an inspiration!

Sue said...

I so enjoy reading blogs from other areas of the country and compare notes (and chuckle about the growing seasons people have!!)
Our nights are already in the low 40's so I'm QUICKLY running out of time.
If you needs seeds for the cabbage and can't find it, I have some left over. It's from could check them or if you want my leftover, let me know. It's 2 year old seed, but I had NO issues with germination.

Unknown said...

Swamp Pants - hahahahahhahaa!

I am working on planning my winter garden and I might just try some of what you have done :)

Glennis said...

Yes, this heat is making us all weary. Come on, autumn!


*Dorothy, Give it a shot.
*Sue, I'll keep you in mind if I can't find them in town.
*Allison, Seeds are a cheap way to start.
*Aunt, I believe summer lovers have had enough.

Unknown said...

I'm a-gonna have to get me a pair of them there old 'swamp pants' ma'am. They sound mighty fine!

Maureen said...

Ohhhhh, you've given me much needed incentive to get going on the winter garden....thanks!