Sunday, August 28, 2011

You Are Out

In the garden, one day your are “in” and the next day you are “out”.  Most of the corn has been cleared out of the garden to make way for winter seeds – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, onions, and beets so far.  Some stalks of corn remained to allow the beans to finish up and to provide a bit of shade to the pumpkins below.  Fine.

DSC_2237_6957Garden inspection this evening revealed an infestation of biblical proportions.  Tassels resembled something that had been dipped in batter and deep fried like a Twinkie.  The corn was covered in critters.DSC_2237_6957


The stalks were yanked and broken down into the green waste.  This isn’t going into MY compost.



Lo said...

Egads......what is that infestation? Don't send it this way, please.

Sue said...

Wow-good idea keeping that out of the compost.
It's been quite the year for critters.

Unknown said...

Oh my!

Mrs. Mac said...

Good thing you check for such invasions. Hope you got the harvest before the bugs.