Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 Sisters Review

DSC_2177_6859This summer, 2 beds of 3 Sisters are growing.  The first bed was planted with Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet Corn.  Dud.  Oh I grew corn.  Some of the cobs even matured fully.  The result was a chewy one.  Maybe I waited too long to harvest.  I’m hopeful that the second bed will produce better results.DSC_2176_6856A lot of the cobs didn’t mature fully and sometimes there were simply freaks in the garden like these kernels that were forming on the tassels.  The Borlotto Solista beans did fine and continue to produce.  The squash was Lemon Squash.  It produced fine until the aphids showed their muscle.  That’s fine.  Four squash planets can help feed the planet.  DSC_2175_6855

Today, the first of the 3 Sisters beds is getting cleaned out to make way for winter – and I’m glad.  Seeds for broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, carrots, beets, and lettuce are waiting their turn.

I can’t give a full review of the 3 Sisters form of gardening yet because the second bed is flourishing.  Hopefully it will help change my thumbs down to a sideways review.


dorothy said...

I just cleared out my little veggie bed today and have a big pile of zucchini leaves ready for the compost pile.
Keep us posted on your 3 sisters!

Amy said...

It looks like you did wait to long to pick the corn. You should pick it just when the kernels fill out and are still very tender! Beautiful garden and pictures!!