Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bloomin' Fabulous

There's more blooming in the garden besides all the fruit trees.
Volunteer Sweet Peas
The Sweet Peas are germinated from 2011 seeds.  They are pretty much growing wherever the pod exploded so they are scattered around the garden but some were planted intentionally under a trellis.  Once the trellised vines are finished, green beans will use the support.

The Nasturtiums are growing along with the Sweet Peas under a trellis.  Some are growing under a support where zucchini will soon be planted.
Strawberries - Duh!
Strawberries are blooming well but the berries aren't making it into the kitchen.  They are falling prey to the gardener (me) who cannot resist eating raw peas either.
The Marigolds (French) are doing so-so in the tomato bed.  I believe I'll plant more soon to replace any the feable plants.  They were stung with a recent cold spell.  These plants are in place to team with Basil and Celebrity Tomatoes to discourage nematoads.

I'm looking for companion plants for the boysenberries; but I don't believe there is any recommendations.  Only if aphids are a problem are marigold companions recommended.


Mrs. Mac said...

Wow .. your blooms are gorgeous! We are at least 6 weeks away from planting sweet peas and nasturtiums or the garden for that matter. That means months away from a bloom. I'll have to just 'live' though yours.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Great looking sweet pea! A volunteer too!

Lona said...

What a wonderful looking Sweetpea. I love the colors in it. And Strawberries! My favorite, so yummy.