Saturday, March 31, 2012


Asparagus Sprout
Planted on March 11, 2012, the Jersey Giant Asparagus crowns purchased at Floyd's Hardware Store sprouted this week.  One is growing so quickly that I can't keep up with back filling the planting trench.  I've never grown asparagus before, but it seems to be very resilient.  I'm not a fan of the "grass"; but Farmer MacGregor loves it.  The garden labor must be treated well so I reserved a spot in the eastern most bed. 

This bed was having a problem with Root Knot Nematodes.  To ease the problem, I've planted French Marigolds, Celebrity Tomatoes, Basil, and asparagus.  The boogers don't like any of that stuff and may starve because of their finicy ways.  All the plantings are companions to each other; so by the end of summer I may hear choruses of Kumbaya floating in the hot, heavy air.

Three asparagus crowns for $3.98 seemed a bit pricey to me initially. Since the plants will multiply and the price of the spears is even more pricey, this seems like a pretty good deal.  My garden laborer has a treat and the nematodes are no longer a problem.  These plants are supposed to produce for many more years. 

Here's a video that I used as a guide to planting.  I used some steer manure I had available rather than chicken doo.  Hope the plants won't rebel.

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