Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nectarine vs Terrorism

The original Fantasia Nectarine bit the dust and needed to be replaced.  Fortunately, I found a bare root specimen at Robby’s Nursery.  Last Sunday (March 18, 2012), I was able to chat with Old Man “Robby” Robinson regarding my replacement choices.  My main concern was the different rootstock used.  He assured me that since I will be pruning my tree espalier, that the trunk would not grow larger than the other fruit trees on the fence line.  The trunks grow to meet the demand of the tree tops.The Fantasia Nectarine is described as very large, flesh yellow, firm, smooth textured, sweet & juicy.  It is freestone and can tolerate frost.  The fruit should ripen in July.

As Robby recommended, the roots were trimmed and the branched pruned back.  The most suitable lateral branches for the bottom and middle lines were bent along the guide wire while the others were pruned.  The top laterals haven’t developed enough to bend. Those branches were left to develop any fruit until they have grown long enough to bend.The garden terrorist is aware of the new addition and is probably quite pleased that he may have had a hand (mouth) in bringing an end to Fantasia I.  I’m watching that guy.


dorothy said...

Glad to see that your blog is up and running!

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Dorothy - Nope. I am unable to post using photos that I took. At least my words are working.