Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wisteria Lane

Once scratch and sniff technology is perfected, this may be one “favorite” to visit again and again.DSC_2260The wisteria on top of the pergola is in full bloom now.  Bumblebees are abundant.  An old nurseryman prunes his old wisteria regularly throughout the growing season to encourage continuous blossoms.

This wisteria is a blue wisteria.  It’s fairly simple to grow.  As a bare root twig, it was planted in well drained soil.  Fertilizing is infrequent and so is irrigation now that it’s established.  After it blooms, I prune it back a bit to encourage new growth and blooms.  So far, so good.DSC_2261The perfume is sweet.  As the petals fall, there is nice blue confetti littering the garden. My oldest wisteria vine may have succumbed to the teeth of Ajax.  A replacement wisteria has been planted to fill in just in case it does pull through. It’s just a whip now but does have a bud on the tip.  This year will be dedicated to establish the new growth up to the top of the pergola.

There’s gravel under the pergola today; but there are plans to install dichondra in a few weeks.  This should be a nice cool spot during the hot summer.  Wisteria is a nice plant to create shade for the hot days ahead.  In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the beautiful perfume.

Is there any wisteria growing on Wisteria Lane?  Name that TV show?



dorothy said...

It's gotta be Desperate Housewives! I think I've only seen that program a few times, and now I hear it's being discontinued. Oh, and I have serious wisteria envy just looking at your beautiful blooms! Our plant has not bloomed for over ten years, but this year my husband tried pruning it differently so we will see!

Lona said...

Oh how beautiful! I wish I could get mine to bloom. I always hope every spring this will be the year. LOL!Yours is so lovely.


Correctamundo, Dorothy. You have seen the program a few more times than me.

Unknown said...

gorgeous pictures as always!

Glennis said...

Aren't they amazing, these blossoms? And this scent? It scents the entire air here!

I do no for one moment dismiss the rapacious character of my wisteria, with its strangling vines and its pernicious seeds sprouting everywhere - but in the springtime the beauty is so worth it!