Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Comes in Like a Lamb


Cyclamen planted under the Wisteria entangled pergola.

March came in like a lion here in Bakersfield, California (zone 8-9).  February ended with a much needed but not enough rain. Most all the buds are swelling or have already broken.  It looks to be a drier than dry year.  It’s always something.  Irrigation in the garden is mostly drip so we’re hydrologically economical.  Heavy composting and mulching will help to keep plant roots moist and cooler.

Plans are on the calendar to remove the gravel under the pergola and replace it with Dichondra (seed).  The area is bordered with sidewalks so the chances of the stuff leaping out into the lawn are reduced.  Having this green patch should help bring the temperatures down a bit.  That’s always a good thing.

What do you do to save water in the garden?  Have you ever intentionally grown Dichondra?

I could handle summer if it was like this.  Maybe this is what summer is like where people enjoy the summertime.


Unknown said...

Is that picture current? If it is, I'm EXTREMELY jealous. I'm surrounded by a sea of brown, I can't wait for colorful flowers to pop up!


Yes Marisa, that photo was taken the morning of the post. Wisteria is in bloom directly above the cyclamen.