Saturday, March 17, 2012

What’s This?!


R A I N !

In the immortal words of George M. Cohan:

My vegetables thank you.  My trees thank you. My flowers thank you.  And, most of all, I thank you.

Okay.  So I played with Cohan’s words.  It’s raining and I’m grateful.  Hope it comes in buckets; but mostly I hope it comes in the form of very wet snow at the higher elevations.

TCM Thanks you too! (2 minutes into this clip after a commercial.)

It’s a good day to organize seeds and nap.  I like it.


dorothy said...

Oh yes, let it rain..let it pour! My part of the thirsty valley is getting a good drenching too!

Anonymous said...

You have rain, we have a bit of the white stuff. Well, actually, we have a lot of the white stuff. Ha ha. Yes, a good day for napping, comfort food and seed starting!

Glennis said...

Raining and cold, but welcome. Is it cold up where you are? It's damned cold here, but beautiful.


Cold and very lovely. August will be here soon enough.