Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grow Your Own

I’m a cynic.  The entire “green” thing is a marketing hoax to me.  Those around me have known me to say that just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean that I want to eat it.  Example:  Arsenic, bugs, and the southbound product of a north bound beastie.  “Organic” has been so overused that it is now simply a marketing tool.  The new meaning for organic:  Hey, idiot.  Buy me and feel good about yourself.

Those “idiots”, I believe, for the most part are truly trying to do something good; but buying a bag of salad just doesn’t get it.  Honestly.  A bag of salad?  How long does that stuff stay fresh?  What was it washed with – bleach?  Yuck.  Where was it grown?  How long ago was it harvested?  Do you want to gamble with Salmonella?

If you want to eat better, grow it yourself.  It’s fresher, costs much less, and you have control.  If you can’t grow it yourself, buy it locally from a source you trust.  Now, some people just aren’t interested in gardening.  Find a neighbor gardener that wouldn’t mind trading produce for something or just be more careful about what you buy.  Framers’ markets are fine; but you really need to know the source.

Don’t throw your money away on “green organics”.  Sheesh!

Whole Foods is a whole lot of hooey.

PS…I’ve never been in a Whole Foods but I feel the same way about others I have visited.  Rip off.


Bill Bird said...

This blog post deserves a giant standing ovation. Very well done, my dear. Very well done. Could not agree with you more. While I do subscribe to some organic fertilizers (hey! They work really good!), I'm not falling for the "don't rototill your garden" crud (crap).


Bill: Don't get me wrong. My garden is organic because I'm in control and am sure of its status. Where the marketing of "organic" is very, very questionable.