Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apricot Leather

Blenheim Apricot
The apricot harvest is moving along nicely. Bird netting is keeping the pesky birds away in frustration with no signs of damage from birds or insects. Irrigation has been cut back a bit to enhance the flavor and not burst the fruit. One or two soakings a week depending on the moisture meter will be enough since the weather hasn't been blazing hot.
Espalier pruning makes picking the fruit simple.  This summer, the fruit is ripening from the top down.  I never noticed this in fruit trees grown regularly.  Maybe fruit ripens from the top down on all trees.  The Santa Rosa Plum (espalier) is ripening in the same manner.  I'll take notice in the future.

My plan is to dry the apricots or make fruit leather.  Way better than Fruit Roll Ups.  That's my most favorite way to enjoy apricots.  My mother used to place the pureed fruit on Saran Wrap lined cookie sheets and place them up on the roof to dry.  Window screens protected the leather from bugs (maybe).  I no longer have dehydraters so I'll be using the oven for the process.

Can anyone recommend a dehyrater?  I would like one that's light weight, easy to clean, and energy efficient.  Kinda the same set up as my mother only with electricty.

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Frenchie said...

I can't speak from experience but, I asked a friend who dehydrates a lot of the produce from their garden and she uses an Excalibur. She has had it for several years and is very happy with it. I was going to try one if I get a decent harvest this year.