Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garden Note - Summer Begins

Summer is officially here with the arrival of sunflowers.  Temperatures took a tumble last night after a dust storm blew through.  There will be a few days of enjoyable weather to allow for work in the garden. 

Garden Update:
  • Zucchini harvest began.
  • Sunflower volunteers are blooming.
  • Boysenberry harvest is winding down.
  • Tomatoes (and there are loads) are ripening.
  • Beans are sprouting.
    • Farmer MacGregor has re-strung the vine support.
  • Herbs harvested - oregano, thyme, chives, rosemary, & lavender.
  • Fruit dropped due to wind - peaches, apricots.  Blasted wind!
  • Grapes maturing.
  • Garlic almost dried.
  • Citrus pushing new growth.
  • Apples looking good.
  • Nectarine sapling is vigorous giving hope for fruit in a few years.
  • Split leaf philodendron had 3 successful erotic/exotic blooms.
  • Iceberg rose has returned from the brink of death and has buds again.
  • Hydrangea is turning a pale lilac with the application of acid.

Garden Disappointments
  • The bell pepper seeds and nasturtium seeds have not sprouted.
  • Bud worms continue to munch on petunias.
    • I have not given up the fight.
  • Grasshoppers remain one of the evil predators in the garden.
    • I have not given up the fight.
  • Plum production is almost non-existent due to a spring wind storm that wiped out the blossoms.  Blasted wind!


dorothy said...

Wow..there is a lot of activity going on in your garden!
I can't grow sunflowers for the life of me. I bought a little one in a 4" pot and the blasted snails have about eaten it down! (The wind was bad here yesterday, too!)

Donna said...

That's a lot going on in the garden! I love sunflowers.

Stephanie said...

I love your blog! So much in the garden.