Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gold Current Tomatoes

In 2010, a work associate shared some tomato plants.  I had about 3 different varieties to enjoy but Gold Currant was a vigorous winner.  These grape sized babies grow like a weed.  Really.  A weed.  Volunteers have sprouted all over the garden...under boysenberries, amongst the marigolds, in the gravel, and with a potted mandarin.  Farmer MacGregor was tasked with removing 2 plants growing under the boysenberries.  They had grown too large and taking over the berry patch.  The one growing with the potted mandarin alerts me when water is necessary by being completely wilted.  A shot of water revives the tomato and seems to keep the water level for the mandarin on target. The Tomato Festival is the source for the heirloom seeds.

I'm not a huge tomato fan - especially the cherry or grape variety.  My preferred use of tomatoes is ketchup or salsa or spaghetti sauce.  Next, would be sliced on a hamburger or sandwich.  Just biting into one or popping one in my mouth just doesn't agree with me.  Don't gasp with disbelief.  I'm not alone.  And there's a reason.  The story may be shared on a later post.

I've been told by tomato lovers that this variety is very "tomatoey" tasting.  Others keep these in the refrigerator to enjoy like grapes.  Alright. Today, I picked 2 berry baskets of these tomatoes with plenty more to go.

Gold Current can be recommended as a vigorous, reliable grape tomato that germinates almost too easily.

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Lo said...

Hmmm.....don't know thqt tomato but I have to put in my vote for growing your own., the ones you buy taste like foam plastic....ugh. I can eat my real tomatoes like a fruit and moan with delight.