Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lazy Daddy

Busy in the garden before the heat wave rolls in this weekend.  Looks like garden time will be reserved for very early morning and late evening as temperatures scream into the 100s.

Farmer MacGregor really got busy.
  • Leveled the garden fence that was sagging in spots.  It happens to all of us.
  • Painted the garden fence and gate.  No surprise here.  Farmer paints religiously.
  • Washed the entire outside of the house - windows included.  Everything sparkles.
  • Edged and mowed the yards.  Better to do before the heat hits hard.
  • Gets up extra early on the weekdays to make sure all the irrigation is done before 7am.  Excellent.
  • Rigged a gizmo up so one of the spider plants can hang in the shade of the Chinese Elm tree.  Just don't bash your head into it when you mow.  Ouch!
  • Got all the grocery shopping done so I can BBQ on Fathers' Day.  Thanks?
  • Installed new rollers on the sliding glass door.  An oversite on my part omitted this stupendous task.  Old man MacGregor pointed out this flaw.
    • Removed the double pane for cleaning.  Now I can open the clean door with just a push of my pinky finger.
  • MacGregor, if you're reading this, prepare to go shooting early on Fathers' Day.  The ammunition has been purchased.  BBQ when you return.  Happy Fathers' Day even though you're not MY father.  It's better than an Hawaiian shirt right?
Good to get it done and enjoy the most wonderful invention ever...air conditioning.

Garden Update:
  • Tomatoes are ripening.  Harvesting Celebrity and Gold Current.  The Gold Currents are all volunteers that grow vigorously in zone 8-9.  They grow so well that I need to dig some out because they are growing too big.
  • Boysenberries are done.  Bird netting was removed.  Next - tie up new canes and prune out the old.
  • Netting moved to the apricot tree.  It really burns me up when a bird pecks at one piece of fruit then moves on to another.  Can't they at least finish the piece of fruit they started with before moving on?  Honestly.
  • Carrots are booming and need to be pulled.  Carrot cakes?
  • French Marigolds are thriving with the heat.  During the evening garden inspection, seed heads are pulled and the seeds are scattered wherever the ground is bare.  Take THAT nematodes.
  • Zucchini is the king of the garden now.  Black Beauty is a bush variety and grows well here.  The plants stay neat and dark green.  Squash are harvested when they are small to enjoy tender, tasty babies.
  • Kentucky Wonder Green Beans are kinda puny.  Very disappointed that they have not gone wild with the heat.  Even used a soil inoculant with hopes of a bountiful crop.  I'm unimpressed.
  • Nasturtiums (Dwarf Cherry Rose) were planted on May 28 and have not germinated yet OR if they have something ate them down to the nub.  Puzzling.
  • Sadly, another fruit on the Split Leaf Philodendron has aborted.  Only one fruit remains on the plant.
Stay in from the heat and avoid swamp pants.  Time to do indoor housework.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, so far we have nothing ready to be eaten. It's so hard living in this mountain zone. Ha ha. It's sounds like your house is sparkly and productive!

dorothy said...

Farmer MacGregor has been busy. Well, I hope he has a restful day tomorrow! Today's high is predicted for 105º here in my part of the valley. So no gardening for me today!


No, this afternoon will be spent enjoying cool air, cold drinks, good food, and fun company at Wool Growers. THAT will require a nap as a follow up.

Corrie said...

Swamp pants!!! Love it.