Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two Birds

Last weekend my mother and I cruised the nursery department at Lowe's.  I needed something to plant in a basket.  Something that will overflow the brim with purple or lavender flowers.  Local nurseries are my preference; but my mother needed some pruning shears and Lowe's prices are more suited to a senior on a budget.  Having an early Mexican dinner on a pleasant Saturday afternoon put us in the right frame of mind to cruise the isles leisurely without having to rush before closing time.  The local nurseries were already closed for the day.  She found a deal on a pair of shears and I found a Calibrachoa.  Perfect. Farmer MacGregor had installed the cute hook I purchased online. He bought a basket from Lowe's and had everything set up for the plant.
 The little dish for bird seed will remain vacant.  There is no need to attract more birds into the garden.  They are feasting on MY produce and bugs.  It's a trade off.
Even though I prefer to purchase locally, the internet and a box store won out on this little project.  Wait.  We did dine at a local Mexican restaurant owned by a local family.  It's a trade off.

Our shopping afternoon killed two birds with one stone - sort of.

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