Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let Us Pray/Prey

Praying Mantis on lavender.
Baby Praying Mantises have hatched and are doing their part to keep the garden free of "bad" bugs. There were quite a few egg cases in the garden found during the winter.  If the limb they were attached to was pruned, the limb segment was placed in the garden so these babies could have a fighting chance to help.

Poisons aren't used in the garden because WE eat the same thing the bugs are enjoying.  My method is to encourage helpful bugs and pick off the harmful bugs (whenever possible).  A Praying Mantis is a hungry ally to have in the garden.

I always confuse "preying" with "praying" mantis.  Either way works for me.


Lisa Paul said...

It's good to have faith. And whether they are preying or praying, Mantises are only good news for a garden.

dorothy said...

I've never had preying mantis but would welcome them with open arms! Do you have plants that are mantis friendly? I wish I knew how to encourage them to come to my garden!


I do nothing Dorothy. They find their way into the garden. There must be tastey bugs for them to munch.

Glennis said...

Sweet little vicious cannibals!