Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cat Grass

The garden kitties deserve a treat in the garden.  They receive nutritious food and store bought treats twice each day and plenty of fresh, cool water.  They can have all the birds and grasshoppers they can catch.  Once upon a time, they would dine on gophers, rats, squirrels, and mice.  I’ve never grown anything just for them to enjoy.DSC_0335_383Licorice is the oldest of the two and thinks she’s the queen over everything she sees.  She is.  She gives darling Pumpkin a swat every once in a while.  She was not intimidated by a full grown English Mastiff nor any of the many Great Pyrenees we’ve had.  She can hold her own and she likes to graze on grass.

DSC_1597_1798 Pumpkin is a big scaredy cat; but likes to follow me around like a little puppy.  She grew up cuddling with Great Pyrenees doggies; but for some reason she would scat whenever the English Mastiff appeared.  This only led to a chase.

DSC_1871_4801 I picked up some Cat Grass and planted it in a low bowl for the kitty girls to enjoy.  The seeds are oats or maybe wheat.  I thought they would be small little seeds.  The treat is supposed to help with digestion.  Good.  Hairballs are pretty gross.  Hope this helps.


Diane said...

Your cats and dog are great. You can see my cat enjoying cat grass at You will want to start new grass about every 3 weeks. You can read about planting it, and the benefits of cat grass on my site.

I go to Bakersfield on business 3 times a year from TX. Nice drive from LA.

Bill Bird said...

Would the kitties like a nice doggy? I have one!


*Diane: Thanks for the tip.
*Bill: Thanks for the offer but a new garden pup is expected later this year.