Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lobelia Rebound


As the temperatures moved closer to those found on the surface of the sun, the Crystal Palace Lobelia was cut back eliminating all the dried out stems.  I did that BEFORE asking someone at a nursery if that was the thing to do.  The nurseryman told me that it’s okay to trim back the lobelia in the summer just don’t over do it.  Exposing the core of the plant to the hot July sun may kill it.  Oh great.  I probably just gave a death sentence to all the lobelia lining the raised beds.  I had cut them down to nubbins. 

DSC_1857_4787 Last night a cool breeze came up allowing the air conditioners to be turned off and the windows and doors opened.  What a treat.  Tonight, I noticed the lobelia is making a rebound.  They’re in various stages of growth; but there are signs of life.  There are even plants coming up in the surrounding gravel from an explosion of lobelia seeds.

I take this as a sign that the worst is over.  Fall is on the way.  I’ll be able to wear a sweater soon.

A girl can dream.


Melissa Price said...

Maybelline, windows and doors open?! That is a dream around here. It was close to the century mark very early this morning. I'm so ready for fall I could cry. In fact, as I live in Alabama, and the Smoky Mountains aren't too far, I've just spent the better part of this evening booking a nice COOL vacation for this family come October. Yes, COME OCTOBER!!! : ) Melissa

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

hahaha...reading from both of you...can you believe that last evening at around 9PM the air was so thick and it was still so HOT, that I uttered the words...."come on January...bring it on!" I think the heat has gone to my head....we had back to back 100 yr blizzards in January 2010!!! I swore I wouldn't complain in July/August.....but baby it's HOT!

I think I'll be dreamin with both of you about sweaters!!!

By the way beautiful Lobelia!!! I love that stuff!

Glennis said...

I like the idea of using the holes in the blocks to plant small flowers. Great design idea.