Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Tomatoes

DSC_1756_4667Every evening and most mornings I patrol the garden looking for those big ol’ hornworms along with grasshoppers.  The garden is growing 37 tomato plants; so the pests have plenty of places to hide.  They munch away without a care until I show up with my killing Crocs

Even though I have a pest problem, production is moving right along.  This evening, I needed to pluck pests AND tomatoes.  The Carbon variety were getting too heavy for the vines.  I grabbed a few to lighten the load along with some basil.DSC_1761_4671 There is a bit of blossom end rot on most all varieties.  The problem is so small, I don’t plan on doing anything at this time.  Note:  The Al Kuffa variety continues to be the heartiest in the garden. 


And Sow My Garden Grows said...

Envious here! Those are beautiful..

Bill Bird said...

That's a nice looking tomato haul! Color me jealous!

Marlyn said...

Color me green!!!! And my tomatoes too! LOL No heat here in Coastal SoCal yet this year... I did pick two yellow cherries yesterday. That my 5-year old snatched from my hand as I entered the kitchen!

Those are GORGEOUS!

Mrs. Mac said...

I could do without seeing that large worm;) But .. to behold the beauty of those tomatoes is awesome!

Jacqueline@ said...

Hello, Maybelline,
Just stopping by to check out your tomatoes. I used a pic of your tomato basket here with a link on a post I will be putting out in a few days. if you have a problem with that, please let me know and I will be happy to remove it :)
I love you sweet Great Pyrenees. We miss our dear Anna so. It makes me happy to see your beautiful doggie :)