Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird or Sparrow or Dove

This morning a mockingbird (I call them cat birds because they taunt the cats.) was in the garden.  What?!  Doesn’t that bird know that I have scare tape dangling everywhere?  Upon seeing the invader, I had a talk with the garden kitties to let them know they need to come out of retirement every once in a while to help with garden intruders.

Oh, they stepped it up a notch and presented me with bird leavin’s.

DSC_1879_4809 Thank you girls. 

Why do they always leave me one foot?


A Deacon's Wife said...

My garden kitty salutes your garden kitties!

p.s. Don't know about that foot. My boy never leaves me anything but feathers.

Glennis said...


Bill Bird said...

My little Precious likes to run inside with freshly caught (and still alive and wriggling) bird/vole and proclaim: "VOLE!!! IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER."

And then -- Venus screams so loudly that the distracted cat drops its catch inside the house and runs back outside.

If it's a Vole -- it runs under a couch and makes a nice little home until it is caught by another housecat. If it's a bird -- it flies around -- managing to smack into every hanging lamp -- before flying out an open door/window.